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Blue control

Blue control lenses :

 Blue control lenses are optical lenses specially made to protect human eye from harmful blue light.

 Blue light is a part of visble light , it is higher energy light and easily spreadable. Harm ful blue light enters in human eye and it can cause damage to macula.

Macula is a centre part of retina made up of photoreceptor cells which gives clear and fine vision to human eyes. Blue light cause macular degeration  and leads to loss of vision to variable extent.

Now whole blue light is not harmful. There is essential blue light which plays a very important role in maintaining a human biologycal cycle.

 Blue light is divided in two parts.

1) Tuquoish light - good blue light which regulates sleep and wake cycle, mood and boost brain activity

2) Violet light       - harmful blue light which cause Age related Macular Degeneration.

Why to buy BLUE CONTROL lenses ??

-BLUE CONTROL  LENSES allows benficiary blue light and block harmful blue light while other brands BLUE CUT and BLUE BLOCK lenses block total blue light... long term use of blue cut or blue   block lenses may lead to lack of sleep and eye strain..

Key features

- Blue filter technology

- 100% UV protected

- Reduce glare

- Prevent eyestrain and fatigue

- Improve contrast, clarity and color perception


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